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Mango Passionfruit Sorbet

Updated: Aug 8, 2021

Fruity mango sorbet with a hint of passion fruit. A refreshing popsicle on a hot summer day or the prefect dessert after a dinner paired with champagne for example.


Special material requirements

  • Ice cream machine

  • Thermometer

  • Silicone mini popsicle mould (optional)

  • Popsicle sticks (optional)



Yield: approx. 20 - 25 servings | Difficulty: easy


Mango passionfruit sorbet

1kg mango puree (with 10% sugar)

300g passionfruit puree (with 10% sugar)

50g inverted sugar

25g dextrose

25g sugar

6g sorbet stabiliser



Mango passionfruit sorbet

  1. Place the mango and passionfruit puree in a saucepan, big enough to accommodate the whole recipe, on medium heat. Heat up the puree until it's lukewarm (approx. 40°C).

  2. Mix the sugar and stabiliser in a small separate bowl. The stabiliser has to be added with the sugar, otherwise it will produce lumps.

  3. While constantly whisking add the dextrose, the inverted sugar, followed by the sugar-stabiliser mix. Keep whisking and heat up the mixture to around 80-85°C.

  4. After it has reached the desired temperature, pour the mixture into a bowl and cover it with cling film to touch. Let it cool down to room temperature, then place it overnight in the fridge.

  5. Take it out of the fridge, use the immersion blender to blend the mixture so that any lumps are eliminated and then transfer the mixture into the ice cream machine. Follow the instructions of your machine.


  • Option 1: eat the sorbet directly out of the ice cream machine.

  • Option 2: transfer the sorbet into a large freezer friendly container and place it in the freezer.

  • Option 3: fill your popsicle moulds with the ice cream and place into the freezer, preferably over night, until firm. Then take them out of the mould and store in the freezer until ready to eat. It is best to cover the popsicles with tinfoil or cling film e.g. so that they don't develop crystals.



  • Mango and passionfruit puree: I use a ready made puree. It is all natural and contains in general 10% sugar for conservation. It is easier to work with, it always guarantees best quality and is for me often cheaper (it may be different in other countries) than buying the fruit. Also, the ready made puree is pasteurised which prolongs its shelf life. If you want to use fresh fruit, just use 900g fresh mango puree (90%) & 100g sugar (10%) and 270g fresh passionfruit puree (90%) & 30g sugar (10%).


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